Here's what we've been working on lately...

Brazil Carnival

For iOS

Our client, Brazil Carnival Ooah!, has over 18 million viewers on their YouTube channel, top selling annual Carnival calendars, and an engaging Facebook fanpage. They wanted to bring their content and the Carnival experience to mobile by creating a magazine app. They needed a sure way to test the appetite of their current community of 18 million viewers on YouTube, and leveraged our KickStart service in order to do so. Now with the launch of their app, their community is more connected to learn more about Brazilian Carnival, and has access to exclusive Brazil Carnival ooah! Samba celebrity photos, biographies, videos, and their popular calendars.


Our small business client sought Maag Studios' business consulting app development to seize an opportunity to help other small companies with the MyLo(cal) app. The idea was to generate impulse purchases on timed-to-expire sales promotions while getting those same customers to promote the local business on social media to reap the savings.

Using our proven Kickstart process, we prototyped the concept which was showcased to several small businesses to gain their feedback and even shared with our client's investors which solidified their financial backing. With the app now developed and released, adoption by users and businesses is steadily ramping up in the targeted local communities as predicted.

Jack's List

Currently in Beta

Want to hit up some of the most popular venues in the town, but hate waiting in lines? Jack's List is a queue management tool designed to make the nightlife experience more enjoyable.

Our clients were frustrated with the "waiting" experience and sought our help in showcasing their business idea to partner with some of the most elite spots in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and Washington D.C. The application allows popular clubs and bars to sell a predetermined number of VIP passes allowing instant access.

Through our signature Kickstart process, we helped Jack's List identify ways for partnering bars and clubs to receive additional revenue, while learning more about, and engaging with their clientele.


Currently in Beta

The purpose behind SportsWorld is to provide a white-labeled sports app that allows fans to get closer to the sports and the teams that they love. On behalf of our clients, Maag Studios discovered that partnering sports teams found it more valuable when the connections were deepened and the identification of true sports fans were made possible. We incorporated tools such as Facebook Connect and Google+ so that sports teams would learn more about the habits and likes of their fans. We advocated leveraging features such as: mobile payment where fans can purchase concessions and merchandise at sporting events, and using the app for ticketing to gain entry to events.

The app is currently in negotiations with several major sports franchises.

Zombies Among Us!

Currently in research and development of augment reality technology

Zombies Among Us! is a first person shooter, augmented reality, mobile game that allows people to play as if the Zombie Apocalypse just happened in their own backyard! The challenge? Designing gaming logic to compensate for the limit in depth-perception on most smartphones. Maag Studios providing the prototyping and is partnering with other augmented reality developers on the research and development of the software to work with enhanced optical lenses on smartphones that uses depth-perception technology.

Math With Your Friends

Part of the many gaming ventures undertaken at Maag Studios, we were excited to launch an existing twist to traditional word games: an app to prove that you and your friends are smarter while improving your own math test scores. Math With Your Friends is a fun multiplayer game playable on both the iPhone and iPad. Instead of letters, the tiles in the games have numbers (0-9) and operators (+ - x + =). Instead of words, players make equations to score points. Increase your score by taking advantage of multipliers on the game board.

Don't Feed Dragons HD

Another gaming venture showcasing our firm's experience in gaming. In "Don't Feed Dragons HD", we have you play the dragon tamer, keeping at bay hungry dragons that want to attack you. Challenging levels mixed with a variety of dragons, and food to keep from them, provide hours of entertainment.