Here's how it Works.

We'll Review Your Budget.

We want to work within your means and protect your capital while defining your Minimal Viable Product (MVP). We also provide strategies for effective low-cost fund-raising.

Identify Your Target Markets.

Before we begin designing, we need to know WHO we are designing for. By identifying your target markets we can ensure your app is relevant to that audience. We will also provide consulting in presenting your idea to investors!

Design & Create Prototypes.

Before we create a line of code, where the brunt of your app development costs lay, we'll construct a prototype you can use to validate against your target market and secure funding from your stakeholders and investors. You'll start with simple wireframes and end up with beautiful, pixel-perfect designs that are customized and intuitive for your users.


Our skilled development team will put code behind the designs you finalized from our prototype. After an initial architecture setup phase, you'll start physically testing your product iteratively every few weeks. You only pay for the features actually delivered. There's no nickel and diming on the number of hours spent with our fixed-price per feature model.

Release It Into The Wild!

Throughout this process you'll receive marketing advice, the other side of developing an app and creating a successful launch. Once your app is complete and available to the public, we will give guidance in how to monitor your stats and maximize your visibility, while continuing to receive technical support for your product.

What's Next?

Contact us to get a free assessement of your idea.

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