We're in this with you.

We are determined to help you create apps that allow you achieve your business goals, and get a solid mobile presence that puts you ahead of the competition.

Who We Are

Maag Studios is both a mobile/web app development and business technology consulting firm. Clients seek our development services to achieve economies of scale and seize on our competitive pricing with our globally distributed teams.

Many of these same clients also seek guidance from our highly experienced executive team on how to manage their portfolio of projects in meeting their revenue goals and timelines. Maag Studios consists of management, designers, and developers from all over the world.

Gabino Roche Jr.

Founder, CEO

Gabino has been in business technology for over 15 years at start-ups and Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T and UPS. He's a former McKinsey & Company firm member, served as a Managing Director at NYSE Euronext, and has been a speaker at a number of agile technology conferences.

Mohan Krishna

Co-Founder, Operations

Mohan is a business development and operations professional with over 16 years of experience in diversified areas of information technology and human resources.

Sree Kumar

Lead Developer

With over 14 years as a mobile programming architect, Sree has been designing and developing mobile apps and games since the 1st version and SDK of iPhone.

Matt Grajcar

Lead UI / UX Designer

Matt has been designing in a variety of media industry arenas for the past 10 years. He specializes in designing interfaces for web and mobile apps that streamline complex workflows into a usability that is clear and simple in order to provide the best possible user experience.
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